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Grand Theft Auto war DLC

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Rockstar Games took a stab at the popular Call of Duty franchise by introducing first person view mode in Grand Theft Auto V, so what better way to follow suit than adding a world war downloadable content?  The DLC begins in typical GTA fashion with a storyline arc about a war breaking out, and segues quickly into chaos and panic as your player scrambles to defend his fellow countrymen from terrorists or other swarms of enemy armies. Similar to how a zombie DLC would function, there would be car fires and damage as far as the player can see, with roads blocked …

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Getting perks with different outfits in GTA 6

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In Grand Theft Auto Vice City, there was a mission known as Cop Land in which Tommy Vercetti needs to steal a police uniform to get past a group of officers investigating a crime scene.  One of the things you got for completing the mission was access to a police uniform that allowed you to enter restricted areas, such as the police station or military base.  This idea brought about the concept of using different clothing to access certain perks, similar to real life.  With proper implementation by Rockstar, a clothing/perk system in any future Grand Theft Auto games would bring about …