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What over-the-top cars we can expect to see in GTA 6

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I’m not one for sensationalizing articles, but given the nature of the development of GTA 6 and the demand to ‘push the envelope,’ it’s becoming seemingly more likely that we’ll have some sort of over-the-top cars in the next installment of Grand Theft Auto. We dug into this idea in the special car abilities article, but let’s look at in relation to GTA 6. Cars based on location and time. Simply put, you can’t have a set of vehicles without accurately reflecting the automotive industry of that respective time period. The styles of cars and their looks will largely be based …

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Special car abilities

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Imagine being able to kick the crap out of someone and lock them in the trunk of your car or take them somewhere to whack them. In Red Dead Redemption, you had the ability to hogtie an individual, pick them up and lay them across the back of your horse (or railroad tracks, for that matter). Similar in concept, a long awaited feature for the GTA series has been the ability to utilize the use of trunks of cars to store weapons or bodies. With Grand Theft Auto V, we can turn headlights on or off, hide the soft tops …

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Modding cars in Grand Theft Auto 6

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With the shifting of Western culture away from ‘ricing’ your ride, extreme car modifications have fallen off the video game radar these past few years.  Although there are racing games that offer such features [like the Gran Turismo or Forza games], these are catered towards racing enthusiasts who are very particular about driving simulation, and not necessarily your everyday casual gamer looking to add stilts or flaming skulls to their cars.  This leaves a void of much desired car editing functions that can’t really be fixed anywhere else.  While it’s true that Grand Theft Auto V offers a variety of …