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GTA 6 Release Date

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You’ve played V and you’re already at 100% for the 4th time.  You’ve role-played every possible scenario in your head and you know the landscape of Los Santos and Blaine County like the back of your hand.  At this point, you’re probably asking yourself, “when does the next Grand Theft Auto come out?”

Before you flip out, here’s what we know

Working with new hardware and building a game from scratch is no easy feat (like taking the leap from San Andreas on PS2 to IV on PS3), but when a solid foundation and understanding of the mechanics involved has been established, it’s a lot easier to drop titles at a quicker pace.  Because of this, Rockstar Games doesn’t have to work as hard at producing the next iteration of GTA because they already have the resources (like textures and coding).  Furthermore, it may have been intimidating switching hardware from the PS3/XB360 generation to the PS4/XBONE generation, but this gap was quickly bridged within one year of the release of V.  Rockstar now has a long life span to release games on, considering that the next-gen consoles are all still relatively new in their lifecycle.  Also consider how quickly Vice City and San Andreas were released after GTA III (1 and 2 years, respectively).

It’s no secret that Rockstar broke many sales records when Grand Theft Auto V was released, and with a series like Call of Duty showing that fans are willing to buy different iterations of similar games, it’s clear that the demand is there and Rockstar has lots of wiggle room. If anything, this period may be used to tweak, perfect and try out different scenarios or options in it’s games.

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No release date for GTA 6 has been announced yet.

As far as a solid date, it’s hard to say

Officially, it’s hard to say when we’ll get the next GTA.

We can only speculate at this point based on patterns, but that’s not much to go by.  Grand Theft Auto III to Vice City was 1 year, Vice City to San Andreas was 2 years, San Andreas to IV was 4 years, and IV to V was 5 years.  Even when we do get a date, history has shown postponements are always possible. The only thing we know for certain is that Rockstar releases games when they’re ready.  When do you think we’ll get our next fix?  Write in the comments below.

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