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If you’ve completed Grand Theft Auto V to 100%, chances are you’re also the type of person who saw the hilarious in-game movies and TV shows that Rockstar managed to fit in (if you haven’t, shame on you… Check them out in the videos below).

These little details only reinforce how much effort has been put in to truly making San Andreas come to life.

Not shy on picking on Rockstar’s ideas and building on them, GTAist has created a series of realistic takes on movies within the Grand Theft Auto realm. Below are posters based on these ideas. (Be sure to click on the images for larger resolutions).


You may remember Meltdown from a mission in which Michael has to save his family during his first ever movie premier. Meltdown is a movie based on the lives of two investors in Liberty City who discover a diabolical plot to destroy every business in the Liberty City Stock Exchange. It is also the first movie in which Michael De Santa gets an associate producer role, solidifying his new position in a career in Vinewood.

The film does contain movie posters in Grand Theft Auto V:

Meltdown Movie Poster

Meltdown movie poster. Image courtesy of

Based on this design, GTAist came up with the following concept:

A movie poster based on Michael De Santa's movie

Michael De Santa’s “Meltdown” real life movie poster.

Republican Space Rangers

Republican Space Rangers made its debut in Grand Theft Auto IV as a watchable cartoon on Niko’s TV, and the show had a welcome return in Grand Theft Auto V. The cartoon follows 3 white American males who travel the universe, killing anyone they believe is anti-American. This translates to everyone, according to the Space Rangers.

Below is a video for the first episode (seen in GTA IV), so if you enjoy it, be sure to look on the related links on Youtube to see the others.

With this in mind, GTAist decided to recreate a live-action poster of what Republican Space Rangers would look like if it became a movie.

A movie poster based on the Republican Space Rangers

Republican Space Rangers movie poster.

Impotent Rage

Also a cartoon in Grand Theft Auto, Impotent Rage is a liberal superhero who is relatively unintelligent and hypocritical in his beliefs.

Based on the notion of making live-action films from cartoons (and furthering the trend in society to make super-hero based films), GTAist recreated a dramatic movie poster for Impotent Rage, simply called “Rage.”

Impotent Rage Movie Poster

Movie poster based on the Impotent Rage Cartoons

Do you have a movie poster idea or artwork you would like to showcase? Please be sure to submit it to us to be featured and be sure to share your thoughts below.

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