Damaged wall and rubble.

Building interiors and environment damage

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To clarify, I’m not talking about streetlights or trash cans- I mean literally drive through buildings and cause carnage. Imagine flying a jumbo jet and crashing the plane into a building, causing a huge explosions. Imagine driving full speed in a semi truck towards a wall and plummeting through it, damaging the structure of the building and causing a partial collapse. One example of these types of capabilities is Battlefield 3.

The fantasy is alive and well, but there are a few key questions that have to be addressed.

The need for interiors

For starters, you can’t have destructible buildings without individual interiors. Grand Theft Auto 6 NEEDS to introduce a game world where life exists both outside and behind closed doors. This means continuing the trend of designing a living, breathing world and adding scripts that give pedestrians tasks based on their environment. Crash into an office building? People in business suits freak out and run from their cubicle. Crash into a police station? Police officers try to arrest you and inmates potentially escape. It takes a serious amount of effort to design such a level of gameplay, but given how revolutionary Rockstar is in production of it’s games, not to mention the high demand for interiors, GTA 6 needs such a gameplay mechanic.

The reconstruction phase

After you blow up a building and the police conclude their investigation, the reconstruction phase of development kicks in.

A house that is under construction

A house in Vinewood under construction.

Having the game respawn an undamaged house after a certain amount of days leaves a lackluster feeling, so ideally there will be some sort of construction phase each property goes through. Each in-game day you see the house being more complete. After a few in-game days, the house is complete to its original form.

The technical limitations

Of course, neither of the previous features are possible if there is no technical capability behind it. A highly dynamic system of damage is very complex and requires a lot of memory- Memory that the current new gen and PC might not be able to handle. On one hand, if you’re creating a very detailed game, you can’t skimp out on graphics. On the other hand, this means significantly more work, effort and resources. It will be up to Rockstar to figure out a way to balance the details of each idea. Share your thoughts on interiors and destructive environments below.

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