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Buying real estate in GTA 6

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Part of running a large business/criminal empire is the inclusion of ownership over property and other real estate. In Grand Theft Auto V, we saw the return of purchasing real estate, but one of the chief complaints was that owning those properties served as more of an annoyance, rather than a benefit. Much like Roman was obsessed with calling you about going bowling while you’re in the middle of a killing spree, the various people that oversee your properties for you will call you at the most inopportune times and request some sort of help with the property. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, as they say.

If we have the option of owning property in GTA 6, any tasks you might be required to do when maintaining a property should come with some sort of benefits that greatly increase gameplay value, rather than the default of just giving you cash every week. Although the save option in the mobile phone made the need of going to a safe house to save your game obsolete, having a safe house may still serve different benefits. Furthermore, the inclusion of even more property gives players an even bigger reason to earn money by completing missions, or investing wisely. Factor in the concept of buying property in order to get uniforms with perks, and you have a whole new aspect of gameplay. Below are some ideas for properties and some of the perks you may get for owning them.

Property Ideas

Military base

Although getting into the military base in GTA V can be fun at times, sometimes you simply want to walk in and drive or fly out with a tank or plane without getting shot at. What better way to allow you to do this than to let you have the option of owning the base? Under your ownership you may have to fend off terrorist attacks or control riots, but owning the property grants you access to military grade weaponry and vehicles, in addition to no military response for your actions.

Gun shops

A guns and ammo sign outside of a gun shop.

A sign outside of Ammunation.

Running guns doesn’t have to be limited to someone the likes of Trevor Phillips. Owning an Ammunation in Grand Theft Auto 6 might require you to take out your competition and their gun supply routes, but perks may include free guns and ammo, as well as access to special guns you can’t find under normal circumstances.

L.S. Customs

Much like in GTA V, you’re capable of owning a car modification shop that grants you access to special parts, in addition to not having to pay a dime for any car modifications. Missions may include stealing cars to modify and sell, as well as getting rid of cars and having them crushed.

Construction sites

Construction sites are common in GTA games, so there’s no shortage of bulldozers or earth-movers. That said, imagine the possibilities if Rockstar introduced destructible environments, and the option for you to rebuild them. You can use some of the vehicles and materials you find at constructions sites to help you construct your properties to your liking (or destroy properties next door with a wrecking ball). What about gaining the chance to use a crane that can construct/destruct stuff within a few mile radius? Missions would include moving materials around and helping construct a few buildings.


Similar to getting access to the hanger in GTA V, you can have access to an array of fleet that otherwise grants you wanted stars. Most planes are available for you, although you have to complete some flight missions to get such access.

Police and fire stations, hospitals

A blue police sign

Los Santos Police Department sign. Imagine owning/running the police force.

Just like getting the police and fireman uniforms or the nursing scrubs, you get access to all the police, fire and medical perks that you do when you come the outfit missions.


The mother load of all great properties to own in GTA, imaging having access to the bank? Upon completing all missions in the game and getting 100%, you gain access to unlimited money, allowing you to buy any clothes, safe-houses, cars or anything else your heart desires (that you don’t already have).

What are your thoughts?

With the popularity of games like Minecraft, it’s clear that people love the creativity aspect of video games. Allowing you to buy properties and modify them to your liking expands upon that concept and adds in a significant amount of hours of gameplay. What are some properties that you would like to see included, and what are their perks? Share your thoughts below.

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