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Alien Invasion DLC

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With it already being very clear that aliens exist in Grand Theft Auto V, one can’t help but wonder if we will actually get a full on DLC with an alien invasion. Fans already got a glimpse of what this looks like when they meet Barry, a marijuana activist peddling questionable pot in the Freaks and Strangers missions.

So what exactly would an alien invasion DLC consist of?

In addition to new weapons, like some sort of laser guns (besides the rail gun), there would be new aircrafts and vehicles that are typical of alien invasions in pop culture. Things like military jets or cars with armor on them to help you fight off space scum. Aliens are the common enemy, and come out from everywhere and try to zap you with their lasers. You goal is to survive, and if there was some storyline integration, it would probably follow something along the lines of trying to save people, blowing up groups of aliens, and flying military jets and shooting at space ships, including a ‘mother ship’ (think Independence Day). Once complete, you have access to all weaponry and crafts that the extraterrestrials use, such as flying the spaceship or a device that lets you teleport quickly anywhere on the map. Of course, this DLC wouldn’t be complete without some sort of pyromania. Assuming building damage was implemented into Grand Theft Auto, building destruction would play a huge part in your strategy, as well as add to the fun factor of an other-worldly invasion. What would you like to see with an alien DLC?

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